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Identification Clinics

Without personal identification, people can not access essential services such as health care, income supports, housing and employment. Yet, there are significant barriers to obtaining identification. The cost alone of replacing identification can be prohibitive for someone who has no or a limited income. Other barriers include literacy and mental health issues, and confusion with or intimidation of the application process.

There are sixteen Identification Clinics serving residents of York Region. The ID clinic serves homeless individuals, and those with low or no income to obtain necessary identification.

Identification that the ID Clinic can assist individuals with:

  • Canadian Birth Certificates
  • Canadian Citizenship Cards (only if the document is lost)
  • Records of Landing
  • Social Insurance Number Cards
  • Canadian Marriage Certificates (if necessary to get SIN Card)
  • Ontario Health Cards
  • Interim Federal Health Cards
  • Statement of Live Birth
  • Delayed Statement of Birth
  • Certified Copy of Birth Registration
  • Death Certificates


The Identification Clinic worker will:

  • assist clients in completing the application forms (i.e., birth certificates, SIN cards),
  • file and pay for applications on behalf of the client,
  • provide a mailing address for clients when necessary,
  • deliver identification to clients,
  • provide individual support when necessary,
  • connect individuals with other services such as housing, food resources, and financial supports; and,
  • provide the client with an opportunity to store their identification in a Safe Bank.


Appointments/Clinic Locations and Schedule

Identification Clinics are held throughout York Region. You must make an appointment to attend the clinic. To book an appointment, call 905-508-1877 or 1-888-447-9602.

Please note there are criteria for program admission.

Mobile clinics can be arranged.